August story requests

Help us celebrate the return of European league play – in style!

No, we’re not looking to preview the clubs, or even the leagues. There are dozens of outlets that’ve got you covered on that front.

What we want is something effortlessly Effortista. We want to celebrate. We want to hear why you love some aspect of the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1 ... or a league that few know much about.

We’re looking for stories on favorite players, beloved rivalries, why you love to hate a certain club, why you love to love a certain club, which fans thrill you, who’s got the best hair, your favorite experience at a match – anything that reminds us why we adore this sport.

Think you’ve got a great story? Send your pitch (just needs to be a few lines long) to inquiry [at] But please make sure you read our general guidelines for contributors first.