Pitch Us!

Unusual Efforts is a website and magazine which aims to advance the voices of women and non-binary persons in soccer media. Our goal is to demonstrate that these often-overlooked voices can provide thoughtful analysis, intrepid insight, and unique perspectives on the sport of soccer.

The Unusual Efforts website is currently accepting pitches for creative works related to soccer from women, trans or cis, and non-binary people.

At this time we have no staff positions or columnist openings. However, we do compensate our writers and artists with a small stipend.

The Written Word

Unusual Efforts seeks pitches for articles related to soccer (800-1500 words). We’ll accept stories about almost anything that touches on the sport of soccer; however, please remember we are not a news site. We’re looking for authors capable of going beyond match reviews and transfer rumors to add depth and intelligence to the world of soccer writing.

We believe that traditional soccer media focuses far too much on the most famous clubs and players, excluding much of the world beyond those teams and faces. We strive to include voices who wish to tell stories from behind those borders. But if you’ve got a unique twist on Lionel Messi or Manchester United, by all means, we’d love to hear it.

Please send pitches to [email protected]


At the moment, Unusual Efforts is not seeking stand-alone visual art. However, we are seeking women, trans or cis, and non-binary artists to create featured art to accompany our written articles. You would work off a short summary of the story, but the vision and direction would be all you.

If you would like to be added to our roster of artists, please email [email protected]

And if you’re both a writer and an artist who’d like to create both the words and the art to accompany them, we will certainly not object to publishing such a display of talent!

Content Creators

Do your creations extend beyond words, beyond visual representations? We would love to hear your idea for a video, a radio show, a podcast, a song - whatever it is. Unusual Efforts wishes to lend a helping hand to all women, trans or cis, and non-binary people seeking a place in soccer media, whatever that place might be.

Again, please contact [email protected] if you'd like to pitch us on an idea.