Unusual Efforts 2019 Editorial Calendar



Unusual Efforts invites women, cis and trans, and non-binary persons to pitch stories involving soccer for the 2019 calendar year.

Beginning January 2019, Unusual Efforts will publish stories centered around a monthly theme. The 12 stories chosen for each theme will be posted on the website, then collated and distributed in an e-zine at the end of each month. We invite authors to look at these words and phrases and provide their own unique perspective–their own way of tying the subject to the soccer world.

For more information on our submission guidelines, click here.

We will also work with one artist each month to illustrate each story and provide a cohesive feel to the issue. Please contact us if you would like to be considered, and let us know which month you’d like.

January: Beginnings (artist: Hannah Carroll)

What better represents the new year than stories of the start of something? From stumbling into a love of soccer to the formation of a club to the early life of a little-known player, we’ll consider any and all stories involving beginnings.

February: Love Stories (artist: Hannah Carroll)

By popular demand, February tips its hand to To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. In the spirit of #TATBILB, we invite you to replace “boys” with any descriptor that suits your article. Free kicks? Celebrations? Tactical formations? Tell us what it is you love!

March: Antihero(in)es (artist: Anna Clay)

We flip the switch in March, shifting from simple love and affection to a more complicated relationship with players, teams, character traits, bit players…the list goes on. Webster’s defines the antihero(ine) as “a protagonist or notable figure who is conspicuously lacking in heroic qualities.” Feel free to push the norms this month.

April: Rebirth

In the northern hemisphere, April often signals the start of spring—and in football, it is often a time when clubs dig deep to find that little something special that will carry them to a title, or stave off relegation. Pitch us a story involving your favorite example of a soccer rebirth.

May: Champions (artist: Hannah Carroll)

What better time to feature champions than the month that the greatest clubs—men’s and women’s—face off in European competition? Don’t feel you’re limited to European play, however: champions can mean whatever you wish it to mean.

June: Women

The 2019 Women’s World Cup kicks off on June 7, so it makes sense that we celebrate women throughout the month of June. From World Champions to individual players, from local clubs to the big names, we invite you to submit stories focused on women involved in football.

July: Strength

What better to follow “women” than “strength”? We’d love something tying the two together to post for the World Cup final on July 7, but overall we welcome the various ways you might interpret strength. Is it mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual? Who or what embodies it? Pitch us your ideas!

August: Hot and Steamy

It’s summer in the northern hemisphere and that means we’re in for some long, sultry nights. Feeling a little risque? Take a risk and submit something new and different to us.

September: An Education

Even those not headed back to school should seize upon September as a time of learning and growth. This is the month that we’ll publish stories aimed to educate the public about a particular topic, whether it be large or small.

October: Mysteries and Oddities (artist: Shannon Marriott)

Ghosts and goblins and spooks, oh my! We’re still waiting on a story connecting soccer and murder, but in the meantime, we’ll accept your pitches on the strange, the mystifying, and the downright weird.

November: Endings

The year is fading away, and without the distraction of the holidays, many are in a pensive mood. It’s an ideal time to post stories about endings—but don’t feel limited to endings that sadden you.

December: Celebrations

We’ll end the year on a high note, turning our attention to the joyful and the sublime. Don’t feel yourself limited to goalscoring celebrations or championship parades—we’ll consider any pitch that’s celebratory in nature!