Unusual Efforts Submission Guidelines


Unusual Efforts accepts stories written by women–cis and trans alike–and non-binary persons. We also seek artwork from the same groups to accompany our articles.


The stories must relate to soccer in some way. We publish everything from tactical analysis to critiques of players’ hair, so be creative. Our preference is for stories that are evergreen and examine a different angle (player, club, theme) than those explored by traditional outlets.

Artists, illustrators, and designers can sign up to see upcoming stories and determine whether they would like to create something for a specific work. Any submitted artwork must reflect the story in some way, whether it be a direct illustration or an abstract rendering of your concept of the article’s theme.

No experience is necessary. We are willing (and eager) to work with those just beginning to venture into the world of soccer journalism, as well as those seeking an outlet for non-traditional stories other media are unwilling to publish, or artists looking to put their work in front of a larger audience.

For writers, we provide a comprehensive editing service using Google Docs. Potential authors must be available to make changes to submitted drafts. While artwork is reviewed, we very, very rarely ask it to be changed (unless feedback is specifically requested). Artists retain ownership of the work, although we ask it not be used to accompany a similar story.

Our goal is to provide a diversity of voices, and we do our best to recruit authors from around the world. We publish only in English (unless you wish to provide the story in your native language as well); however, you do not need to be a native speaker or have excellent English skills. We will work with you to get your meaning across in the tone you wish to convey.

Unusual Efforts pays 25 USD per published post and 25 USD for original artwork to accompany stories. We currently pay contributors through PayPal, but are open to trying other transfer services. We are unable to pay through a direct deposit to your bank, however.

To pitch a story or sign up to illustrate for us, email us here or DM us on Twitter!